The Basics Of Marketing Strategies

Discussed in our last blog post are information about marketing fundamentals and the most used marketing strategies. As promised, we’ll give you more information about the basics and how effective each of them as a marketing strategy. Read on…
Innovation and advancement keep on marking the marketing industry. So, here’s what you should know about the marketing methods you should be using for your business. Ponder on this and you’re good to go.
Email Marketing
Considered as one of the most effective marketing strategy, email marketing has helped a lot of people generate amazing amount of money and significant presence online. The term obviously suggests that the main tool used is of course, email. However, one of the first thins your should consider is to do list building. This is the cornerstone of this technique.
Email marketing can drive more traffic to website, promote affiliate offers, and establish a relationship with your valued clients, launch new projects and more.
Often, a business/website compiled email addresses or details of subscribers by filling out a form on their website, usually a landing page. Broadcasts, campaigns and follow-ups are regularly sent to the subscribers.
Speaking of broadcasts, campaigns and follow ups, the following are the most popular email marketing software used by online businesses:
4.Emma Mail
5.Exact Target
6.Constant Contact

Website Content and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Who would disagree when I say, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is imperative to every website? I bet no one will stand up and say it’s worthless. This has been and still very, very useful in optimizing a website. There are a lot of SEO methods and you must be knowledgeable on what SEO strategy is to be utilized.
Content marketing is a strategy wherein website content are created, shared and optimized. However, this can only be effective when what is published are great, informative post. Yes, I said great and informative’. Who would want to read a boring and senseless content, in the first place?
Content marketing is now one of the major source’ of website’s visibility so bear in mind, it’s time to be more competitive.
Affiliate Marketing
A lot of online users create money by selling other peoples’ products and getting commission from every sale you’ve made. The first thing to do is to find a product you want to promote. This is easier if you already have a website, a blog site or a list already set up.

Social Media Marketing
In today’s world where technological advancement has been a part of daily existence, social media communication also innovates. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others are being utilized not only for personal access to friends , families and acquaintances, but in marketing as well. And they do effectively bring traffic, leads and sales! That is why Facebook Marketing by using a page for the product or brand is commonly setup. This has been also strengthen by mobile marketing as gadgets and techie tools’ are continuously developed.

Pay per click pr PPC is a marketing method where advertisers shell out money or pay each time their campaign or ad is clicked. So it’s more like of purchasing visits to the sites. Advertisers are permitted to bid for an ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links. Then when an online user types or searches for a keyword, he/she then can click on the ad .
When using PPC, there are some terms to be understood like:
-Click through Rate
-Landing Pages

People go online to read and be informed. They do love blogs, pages with articles with exciting content and details. Blogging is a famous activity and now considered one of the most effective online marketing strategies.

Here are some reminders when blogging is to be used as a marketing strategy.

1.)Write original and honest post. The key is to make it interesting. Something that will be loved by your readers.
2.)Identify your audience. Ask yourself: Who will read my post? Are they going to be touched’ by my words?
3.)Be flexible on your post. You can inform, teach, persuade. Do not just sell.
4.)Keywords can be inserted. That’s better.
5.)Optimize your blog. Choose the best SEO technique to do so.
6.)Submit your posts to other blog sites.
7.)Remember, sharing is caring. Communication is the key. Socia media buttons are now can be included in your post page to be able to easily share it to social media sites. Comment also to other people’s blog with the same niche as yours.

More nuggets about marketing strategies for our next post. You’ll meet the famous people who have applied these marketing strategies to become who they are now.
You’ll be inspired, motivated and stimulated! So, make sure you’ll read the next one.